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Learn More About DOMO

Domo helps all employees – from the CEO to the front-line worker – optimize business performance by connecting them to the right data and people they need to improve business results. Domo’s Business Cloud is the world’s first customizable platform that enables decision makers to identify and act on strategic opportunities in real time. The company works with the world’s leading and most progressive brands across multiple industries including retail, media and entertainment, manufacturing, finance and more. For more information, visit

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Learn More About VWO

VWO is an easy to use A/B testing tool that allows marketing professionals to create different versions of their websites and landing pages using a point-and-click editor (no HTML knowledge needed!) and then see which version produces maximum conversion rate or sales. Integrating our split testing software is dead-simple: copy-paste a code snippet in your website once and you are ready to go live!

Visual Website Optimizer is also a flexible multivariate testing software (full factorial methodology) and has number of additional tools like behavioral targeting, heatmaps, usability testing, etc. With 100+ features in Visual Website Optimizer, you can be sure that all your conversion rate optimization activities are covered by our product. Thousands of enterprises and small businesses are using our A/B testing software for landing page optimization, increasing website sales and improving conversion rates.

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Learn More About Oracle

Modern Marketers choose Oracle Marketing Cloud’s data-driven solutions to create engagement, orchestrate experiences, connect data, and optimize online interactions that attract and retain ideal customers. The Modern Marketing solutions connect cross-channel, content, and social marketing with data management and activation, along with hundreds of pre-integrated app and data partners. Leading brands use the award-winning expertise and technology to deliver personal experiences on a proven system that marketers love and IT trusts.

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Learn More About Eyeo GmbH

With the help of an international community of volunteers, we develop open source software that millions of people use every day to have a better online experience. Our solutions such as Adblock Plus, which, having amassed over 300 million downloads, is the most popular add-on ever, put users in control over the kind of content they see online. Beyond that, we build software that encourages positive, informative advertising and privacy protection practices.

We are an international team, about half of whom work in the main Cologne office and the other half remotely. Eyeo was founded in 2011, when Till Faida met Wladimir Palant; and the two decided to take Palant’s sometimes hobby, Adblock Plus, and try and change a billion-dollar industry with it.

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Learn More About Tableau

Tableau can help anyone see and understand their data. Connect to almost any database, drag and drop to create visualizations, and share with a click.

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Learn More About Information Lab

The Information Lab is Tableau Gold and Alteryx Premier partner in Netherlands and an EMEA Partner of the Year in 2013 en 2014. The Information Lab is based in The Netherlands, UK, Germany, France, Italy and Luxembourg. We have a team of more then 50 Tableau and Alteryx enthusiasts. Having 3 Tableau Zen masters, and 1 Alteryx Ace you can expect to get the best possible advise and support from our team.

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Knowledge Partners


Learn More About Buffer

Buffer is the easiest way to schedule social media posts, photos and video to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn & Google+. Fill up your Buffer with posts and Buffer schedules them for you. Keep your Buffer topped up and post consistently all day round, all week long.

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Learn More About PubNative

PubNative is a mobile monetisation platform that enables app publishers to execute and enhance their revenue strategy through native ad formats. Via its proprietary mediation solution and programmatic exchange, the platform provides extensive tools for managing the most comprehensive global mobile native demand. The company is headquartered in Berlin with offices in San Francisco, Seoul and Beijing. 

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Learn More About PINS

PINS is the airBaltic frequent flyer loyalty program with a loyalty currency that is also called “PINS”. The more you fly, the greater the privileges, which include a free baggage allowance, no queues, reserved seats and much more to make travelling more pleasant.

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Learn More About HubSpot

HubSpot is the world’s leading inbound marketing and sales platform. Since 2006, HubSpot has been on a mission to make the world more inbound. Today, 20,000 customers in more than 90 countries use HubSpot’s software, services, and support to transform the way they attract, engage, and delight customers. HubSpot is a global company with offices in Cambridge, MA, Portsmouth, NH, Dublin, Ireland, Sydney, Australia, Singapore, Tokyo, Japan, and soon to be Berlin, Germany. HubSpot has been recognized by Inc., Forbes, and Deloitte as one of the world’s fastest-growing companies. HubSpot's software has helped companies worldwide change how they market and sell, while our innovative approach to company culture has helped redefine transparency and autonomy in the modern workplace.

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Learn More About iProspect

Driving business performance. Customers don’t think about channels – just what matters to them, at that moment. Our digital services work together, helping you stay in step with your audience at every touchpoint. Combining our unrivalled specialism in specific digital activities with a strategic, differentiated approach, we are able to meet your more complex needs in the fast paced and constantly evolving digital landscape. Deep specialization enables us to deliver better than anyone else, anywhere. Our range of digital services performs brilliantly on its own or as part of an integrated campaign designed to fully maximize the online opportunities for your brand.

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Learn More About Zandesk

Zendesk builds software for better customer relationships. It empowers organizations to improve customer engagement and better understand their customers. Zendesk products are easy to use and implement. They give organizations the flexibility to move quickly, focus on innovation, and scale with their growth.

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Learn More About Branch

Branch provides solutions that unify user measurement across different devices, platforms, and channels, and deliver a seamless customer experience no matter where the user comes from. The introduction of mobile has divided today’s businesses, causing inaccurate attribution and links that don’t work, leading to wasted marketing spend and broken customer journeys. Branch fixes that by providing a holistic view of various user touch points and ensuring that links take the user to the right place on the website or native app. 

Branch is used by the top brands in mobile including Target, Starbucks, Airbnb, Slack and thousands more.

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Savage Beta


Learn More About Retargeting is a dedicated XaaS, a service for the e-commerce websites. We aim to increase online shop's revenues by helping the customers get the products they really want to buy. We are monitoring and profiling each visitor in order to send automated and personalized messages, measuring and optimizing each step of the communication.

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Learn More About More than Metrics

More than Metrics offers tools and stuff for service design, design thinking, ux, cx and related fields:

Smaply ( is a web-based software to visualize customer experience. Create digital Personas, Stakeholder Maps and Journey Maps, and make high-quality print exports.

ExperienceFellow ( combines a free smartphone app and a web-based software to research customer experience. Conduct highly efficient customer experience research, codify results, make high-quality exports.

Mr. Thinkr ( is a web shop that offers hands-on workshop material. Order large pen-and-paper templates for workshops or shop essential gimmicks for the ambitious CX designer.

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Learn More About Adcanvas

Adcanvas is a powerful, easy to use tool that allows media buyers and digital marketers to transform their existing, static banner ads into engaging, dynamic in-feed and fullscreen interstitial mobile ads.

AdCanvas campaigns outperform the industry average engagement results by up to 30 times! Since the establishment of the AdCanvas platform we have had 100+ campaigns with the largest brands in Europe. Our portfolio includes Adidas, Ikea, Vans, Tiffany&Co, Nissan, Renault, T-Mobile, Telia, Lattelecom, Samsung and many more. We also work very closely with creative and media agencies and publishers by producing media innovative solutions to mobile and desktop media.

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Learn More About Enbritely stems from an evening of scribbling in March 2014. Our CEO, product manager, marketer, and client operations leads were then sharing ideas. Could they develop a tool capable of protecting the entire conversion funnel from fraud?

It’s a hard problem. But not insurmountable one: two of the four were veteran risk-managers who had successfully developed anti-fraud tools that were pivotal to safely scaling a small website into an Alexa top-100 entertainment behemoth.

The next evening they were joining forces with dmlab - the team of high profile data scientists that sold Radoop to Rapidminer the same year.

With a shared passion for tackling hard problems that matter, our team's drive propelled our vague concepts into a Slush 100-winning project six month later. With a goal: bringing back much needed transparency in online advertising.

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Learn More About Chamaileon

Collaborative email builder and content management platform.

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Learn More About Musqot

Focusing on marketing planning and performance analytics, Musqot brings powerful solutions to marketing professionals. Our product is built on the world’s leading technology platform for cloud based business applications, making marketing technology more accessible than ever before.

Musqot Marketing Technology is an innovative enterprise application company, with our HQ located in Stockholm, Sweden. Our fully owned development organization is based in Bangalore, India. The company is managed by experienced professionals from the MRM industry (Marketing Resource Management). 

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Learn More About Dripit uncovers opportunities for additional revenue, pinpoint what generates income and see if particular ad campaign add value or just generate dropped baskets. All presented in beautiful timeline.

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Learn More About OBILytics

OBILytics was founded in late 2015 and focusses on social media analytics. They help organizations, among others, to provide a complete picture of their customers and optimize marketing spending. Colruyt and Vivat insurance are examples of OBILytics customers.

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Learn More About Personic

Personic is a pioneer in the area of Chatbots. Chatbots will be the most powerful way that Brands will connect and communicate with their audience. This two-way communication allows Brands to have a particular voice and build an emotional connection with their audience. Personic’s unique and proprietary technology leverages the existing email marketing programs to move that channel from a one way push into the inbox, to a two way conversation into Messaging apps.

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Learn More About Fangage

Your own beautiful exclusive fan portal that allows you to connect with fans, analyze your fanbase and monetize fan engagement data.

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Endorsing Partners


Learn More About Johan Cruyff Institute

“My vision on sport management is quite simple: I think people with a passion for sport are the best people to lead sport organizations,” Johan Cruyff always said. He was not only one of the best footballers of all time, he was also a visionary and philosopher. With statements such as 'every disadvantage has its advantages' he confused and inspired people in equal measure. 

He founded the Johan Cruyff Institute in 1999 and since then more than 7,000 students have joined his Master programs, on-campus modules and online courses. The Johan Cruyff Institute educates athletes, sport and business professionals to become the next generation of leaders in sport management. The way we bring this vision into action is based on common sense, pragmatism, intuition and optimism: our ‘Cruyffian’ teaching method. 

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Learn More About International Football Business Institute

Relying on 15 years of experience in coordinating academic courses in Sports management, IFBI helps the football managers of the future to kick off a shining and respected career in the industry.

IFBI is located in Brussels, Belgium, currently among the best on the FIFA ranking. A central location in the capital of Europe offering extensive connections throughout the continent and welcoming students from all over the world. The first to provide participants with an all-in-one education package at university level

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Media Partners


Learn More About StartupAmsterdam

StartupAmsterdam - the center point in the European tech scene. Our role is to showcase Amsterdam's startup community, the overarching startup ecosystem and the initiatives that facilitate connection. We promote and accelerate opportunities for everyone: startups, scaleups, talent, corporates, investors, mentors and other startup cities. We connect the dots. 

Amsterdam is a tech hub where innovation thrives and the hustle never stops. We welcome you. Your new ideas, your talent, your connections, your mentorship, your funding power, your corporate innovation courage. In Amsterdam, we stand up, start up and scale up, together.

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Learn More About CNBC

CNBC, First in Business Worldwide, is the recognised world leader in business news and financial information, providing the latest real-time market information, unrivalled coverage of breaking news, in-depth analysis and interviews with business leaders and political figures from around the world. CNBC has distribution of approximately 377 million households worldwide.

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Learn More About Digital Agency Network

Digital Agency Network (DAN) focuses on collaboration, knowledge-sharing, business support and exploration.

DAN is a global network of carefully selected, highly talented, independently operated marketing & advertising agencies with digital DNA. DAN’s mission is to support member agencies’ businesses and enhance the intelligence, expertise, reach and effectiveness of the members through knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Today, there are more than 400 DAN member agencies operating in 57 cities worldwide. All member agencies are amongst the market leaders in their respective countries in terms of creativity, with an impressive portfolio of campaigns and awards.

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Learn More About Startup Hub Poland

Startup Hub Poland is a non-profit foundation. Our vision is to facilitate technological development in the CEE region and increase its global presence as a place where disruptive technologies appear.

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Learn More About Warc offers advertising best practice, evidence and insights from the world's leading brands. Warc helps clients in over 100 countries grow their businesses by using proven approaches to maximise advertising effectiveness. Warc's clients include the world's largest advertising and media agencies, brands, research companies and universities. With 11,000+ effectiveness case studies, 2,000+ event reports, plus best practice guides, consumer insights and trend analysis in one place, Warc is designed to support your business proposals and improve marketing effectiveness. Warc - when you know, you grow. Contact us at:

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Learn More About is an open and honest news channel that explores and reveals, gives a different view of marketing trends and news media. Critical, controversial, shocking. operates in accordance with the ethical principles of good journalism, but we continue where others stop. With surprising stories, news and blogs, surveys, columns, figures and analyzes.

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